Near to the main international airport in the country of Morocco, Casablanca offers the first glimpse of the country. You can term it as a gateway for the main visitors. As a business powerhouse and an industrial hub, and in comparison to the unique charms of Fes and Marrakesh, there would be no major competition. If you analyse the architecture it has a European tinge to it, with a modern swagger that would be very unique in its own way. This would be in complete contrast to what the rest of the place has to offer.

The tourist attractions of this region stand no comparison to the rest of the country. If you go a little deeper you can come across some gems. Let us now analyse some of the major tourist attractions of Casablanca

Hassan 2 Mosque

Near to the old city of Casablanca known as Medina city and adjacent to shoreline this mosque covers the entire city. The construction of the mosque was over in 1993, which makes it among the top mosques of the world. The courtyard could fit in nearly 80,000 people, and at the same time, around 25,000 people can worship at a single go. The tallest minaret which happens to be 200 meters finds its place here. If you analyse the interior decoration it covers every facet of the mosque. At the same time location proves to be dramatic. If you are a non-Muslim you can still visit the mosque. There are several tours on offer. It starts at the grand entrance of the mosque. This does take place several times during the course of the day.

Central market

The central market happens to be bustling all the time. It does work wonders for anyone who likes to engage in the hustle and bustle of city life. In the middle of the city centre, this market is a favourite for the local crowd. You can come across the housewives offering bartering fruits and vegetables. At the same time, grocers shout at their voice for special deals. There does occur an element of fun for each and everyone in the marketplace. To the famous slippers of Morocco to the plastic bowls you can come across each and every item. If things really work for you, then it would be obvious to strike some great deal during your first visit to the place.


It does prove to be an alternative to Casablanca and some of the finest beaches in the country find its place here. The second largest port finds its place here and the tranquil charms happen to be intact as it’s. The rush and hush of the city life have not had a major impact on it. You can term it as a little Medina and it would be nice walking through the place. If the coast strikes you it boils down to the beaches. To the north of Casablanca, it finds itself around 28 km an to escape the rush of Casablanca an ideal weekend destination


Ever since Roman times, this place does have its importance. A lot of credit for the upheaval of this place has to go to the Almohade rules. They did surround the premises with grand ramparts and in the process went on to make it a spiritual and religious centre as it happens to be today. This place works out to be the ceramic centre and once you have gone to pay a visit to these premises. You can think about spending an afternoon at the Medina. At this place, you can find glimpses of Portuguese architecture and around 237 km from Casablanca this place positions itself.


If you have been stung by the imperial cities of Morocco this seaside chill would provide with different vibes. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to unwind and relax at the core. For a lot of people, this place would mean all about the oysters. In the local restaurants, you are likely to come across oysters on the menu list with various seafood. It could be very possible that they are taken from the sea that very day. To sum it up this place is a delight for the foodies and finds itself around 182 km from Casablanca


A lot of people might end up promoting the Atlantic coastline of Morocco, but they do forget to include Azzemmour off the list. If you analyse this village does have a history that goes on to stretch to the Punic times. This can be seen by a host of wonderful sites that does showcase the same. Along the Atlantic coast, the beach does appear to be one of the best. Till date, this appears to be a secret and a major charm of the city lies here.