Chikan embroidery is nearly like a mighty river that houses multiple tributaries. As mentioned earlier this art form comprises 32 different stitching techniques. Than the others have yet, some stitching techniques have gained more popularity; each of the 32 method is unique in their own way and has their own story.


Chikankari-Tepchi is unquestionably among the most well-known of all the 32 techniques. It essentially entails darning stitch or a long running worked using six strands onto the right side of the fabric picking one up and taken more than four threads. It is frequently set up to draw simple shapes out and becomes a base for embroidery.

Bhakiya- bhakiya is like that rebel kid in each family who turns out to be the most intelligent one. This embroidery design is known as reason and the shadow work so is because the embroidery is performed on wrong side it is named along with its shadow is seen on the side. Sound almost mysterious, doesn’t it? A hole is punched in the cloth and the threads are teased apart. It worked with one thread on the ideal side of the cloth and is held by little stitches all round. It may be worked with six threads and often forms the centre of a blossom.

Murri is your kind of stitching which is used to embroider the centre of the flowers in chicken kurta work themes. They are generally. The use of this stitch is depleting due to a drop in the artisans doing this embroidery Even though Murri is Chikankari’s oldest and most form.

Jaali stitch is one where the thread is not attracted through the fabric, ensuring that the back part of the garment looks as impeccable as front. The warp and weft threads are drawn apart and buttonhole stitches are inserted into the cloth.

The other stiches of the bateeskari family comprise Zanjeera, Katau,Rahet, Banarsi, Phanda, Darz, Bijli, Ghaas Patti, Chana Patti, Balda, Makra, Kauri, Hathkati, Banjkali, Karan, Kapkapi, Chasm-e-bulbul, TajMahal, Kangan, Dhaniya, Rozan, Sidhaul, Dhaniya Patti, Meharki, Ulti Bakhia, Pechni, Murri, Keel Kanga. The assortment with its sublime colors and layouts that are exquisite is every girl’s fantasy. There’s something for every occasion, something which will make you stick out in each function. The Chikan kurtas using gotta-patti function or mukaish work are perfect for work purpose and they’re able to easily transition. The Lucknowi Chikan Hand Embroidery Aari Work Cotton Unstitched Suit Set is your answer to all your prayers, if you are seeking something beautiful yet understated to your friend’s Mehendi ceremony. Take your pick in their colour variations of beige, beige, off white and yellowish. The Red Lucknowi Chikan Hand Embroidery Chanderi kurta or the Gulabi Lucknowi chikan hand embroidery Zardozi Parsi work suit are certain if worn to a wedding to make a statement. Is the Hand. Its gleam and glow almost emanate a certain level of command and authority.

Sure, most of us live in a contemporary, updated world where we’re hustling hard to realize our goals. But let’s be honest, who does not enjoy indulge once in a while and experience exactly what royalty feels like? While we can’t afford to gratify and luxuriate like the royals, Fabriclore’s Bateeskari collection can help you seem like one. Seem and feel-like that the Noor Jahaan of your world.

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