Classified Sites are Undervalued in this Sector.

The real estate ads on online classified sites are not widely used by real estate agents and this is a mistake. Not only will they help you capture a customer, but they will also help you in your online positioning. The great potential and impact of real estate ads on the network must be taken into account .

Real estate agencies must change the attitude and perception they have regarding online classifieds. Some of these real estate ads including Sky Marketing Islamabad platforms are more visited than you think and whenever I have a chance, I say it loud and clear. A well-designed classified ads strategy realizes clients and more traffic to your website.

The advantage of classified ads is that they are free and you have the opportunity to pay for highlighting them at a lower price than what you pay on real estate portals.

Many of my students complain that nobody contacts them through the classifieds, but that is because they publish their ads mechanically and do not use real estate copywriting to write them.

Real Estate Ads: Quality and Quantity.

To get requests for information through the classifieds, you must publish ads of different properties , publish in more than 50 sites and publish some of them prominently.

If you live in Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama or Uruguay, you may not have 50 classifieds to publish, but in the rest of the countries there are more than 50 classified sites with real estate listings. In Pakistan, for example, there are 124 classified sites top of which are Zameen, Sky Marketing and Park View City.

There are classified sites in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia or Peru that have more visits to their real estate ads section than some real estate portals.

The potential is there, you just need to publish different real estate ads , so that they stand out from the rest of the ads. Let’s give an example of what it is to write a different ad:

House in Characato as there are few. Maybe none.

This house in Characato is the dream of every woman. A house of 155.64 m² on a land of 255.47 m² with garden and terrace in a private and secure enclosure. This beautiful house has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large and bright fully equipped kitchen, (you have to see it, this kitchen you will like it) and garage for 1 vehicle.

A house in a privileged area. Do you want quality of life, breathe fresh air, comfort for your family, security and easy access to the center? Then you have to come visit this house. At a price of only $ 135,000 dollars, you should not think about it for a long time. A cozy, practical, enviable house with great potential. You will enjoy decorating this house and certainly living in it.

Call Yolanda at 986.360.400 for a no obligation visit. It’s worth seeing. In addition, you can compare it with other similar houses in this area and in others. In Characato, today, there is no house as it is for sale. Be you who does not miss this opportunity. Call now.

This type of writing is attracting customers.

Highlighting one of your ads in the top classifieds means that you have a much better chance of getting applications at a lower price than in the portals.

Real Estate Ads in Social Networks.

Let’s now analyze the difference between publishing in classifieds and in social networks. Take, for example, Mrs. Montoya who is looking for a new apartment in the city of Durango. Ms. Montoya even has her Facebook profile and visits the platform, (to socialize), about 2 days a week.

How does Mrs. Montoya look for a new apartment in Durango? Through Facebook? No, I don’t think it’s his first or his second choice for that search. The first thing that Ms. Montoya will do, before contacting a real estate agent is to search online and this search will be done through a “keyword” and Google will show you as a result on the 1st page real estate portals and classified sites on her Most.

These are the sites that Mrs. Montoya will visit first: portals and classifieds. In addition, Ms. Montoya’s purchase or rental intention is stronger when she searches through a search engine like Google than when she is on social media.

The classifieds are the second medium, (say Google analysis, not me) , used by navigators for the “purchase” of products or services, after Amazon. EBay, for example, is a great classified portal, where there is a very good real estate ads section . Another very interesting classifieds site is Craigslist.

| Real Estate Ads: The Publication Strategy.

Every real estate agent and agency needs a classified ads strategy and allocate around 10% of the promotional budget. I have taught this strategy to many real estate agents and they are always pleasantly surprised at the results they get at 6-8 weeks.

The strategy is in turn simple and highly effective. Let’s see what this strategy is in a summary way

1.- Write 2-3 ads with copywriting techniques to highlight them from the rest.

2.- A list of classified sites is created . You enter a keyword in Google and then in Bing and / or Yahoo and search the classified sites presented by search engines in its first 5 pages.

3.- You register in all the classified sites of your list. To register and take advantage of the time, you publish only 1 real estate ad in each classified. This may take several days. At the same time that you register and publish you should familiarize yourself with the interface of each site, and take notes on prices for advertising and other interesting data of each site.

4.- You start publishing 3 properties on each classified site and when you finish you publish another 2-3 and so on, so that your ads do not appear all together on the same site.

This task can take you 15 to 30 days , since you must publish in quantity and quality. If you don’t have both, you won’t get many requests.

I have several students who have launched their real estate business thanks to classified ads, since more work is required than budget. Publishing and publishing constantly is not a task that appeals to everyone. You need to have faith, do things right, (quality and quantity) , and follow a plan and strategy.

A real estate agency in Medellín, managed to publish more than 1,500 ads of its properties in 76 classified sites in 20 days with a person dedicated exclusively to this task. Needless to say, after 3 weeks they began receiving calls at the agency.

Real Estate Listings: Redactalos Bien.

Remember that the real estate ad strategy is based on the more places appear much better. Do not use multiple publishing software . This work must be done “by hand”. These software save you time, but they don’t publish the ads properly and you need quality.

The acquisition of potential clients with real estate ads is done only at a local and / or national level with a good writing of a text that does not have to be short. You can even offer a free incentive within your ad to get more interest.

For example, in the previous announcement of the house in Characato, you could indicate that you contact the agent to send you for free an informative guide on how to buy a home in Arequipa, (Characato in a neighborhood of Arequipa, Peru) , which will save you time and money.

Having real estate ads on 80-100 different sites generates not only traffic and ranking; but also 2 or 3 potential customers per month. Maintaining these ads for several months is an easy task once it is carried out for the first time.

Don’t just look for classified platforms or real estate ads that are free; Pay to include ads for your properties in some of them. Allocate $ 80 – $ 100 per month to real estate ads in classifieds give a lot.

Only a couple of months later you will see how your work has not been in vain. Don’t consider just posting on real estate portals; Your real estate ads on classified sites will bring you customers at a lower cost. You know, when there is no budget, you have to sit in front of your PC and start publishing and publishing. And don’t expect results after 3 days; Although you never know.

Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment . What has been your experience with real estate ads in classifieds? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

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